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Version: 1.12.2+

MythicalMC is a brand new Minecraft server featuring original Minecraft minigames that you won't find anywhere else. Our goal has been to create the best Minecraft minigames, develop fresh new gameplay experiences and bring a new competitive edge to PVP (player versus player) while still using the 1.8 combat style.

Minecraft Servers Minigames

Each of our Minecraft minigames has a short tutorial explaining how to play when you join. Read below for a brief introduction to all of our games!

Optic Strike

A fast-paced pvp game in which 4 teams battle it out to claim victory. The aim of the game is to change as many of the flags around the map into your team's colour as possible. Other teams can steal the flags and there are a variety of power ups that appear that can turn the game entirely on its head!

Sky Rush

2 teams take to the skies and battle it out in a deathmatch involving tactics and strategy. To win the game a team must kill all members of the opposing team. Along the way you must rush islands to gain boosts for your team, Loot chests and craft your own weapons in order to be victorious!

Protect The Oracle

The aim of the game is to kill all the players on the opposing team. However, 1 player from each team is the Oracle. As long as the Oracle is alive then the rest of their team will respawn. You must use your skills, classes & defensive strategy to take out the opposing teams Oracle while also protecting your own.

Mythical Games

A constantly rotating system of shorter minigames. These include: Red Light, Green Light - Hot Potato - Take Flight - Battle Boats - Dodgeball - Skating on Thin Ice - Debase - Hide & Seek - The Floor is Lava.

Parkour & Endless Parkour

As well as our Minecraft minigames, we have multiple parkour courses ranging from easy to hard. Beat the Star times to earn Parkour coins and unlock more courses!

In Endless Parkour you are placed on an endlessly, randomly generated parkour course that increases in difficulty as you progress. This also includes team modes Hardcore, Last Man Standing & Co-op so you can enjoy the fun with friends.

Join today! Let us provide all of the Minecraft servers minigames you could want!

MythicalMC Server Features

As well as original Minecraft minigames, MythicalMC has several other great features to help improve your gameplay experience.

Mystery Crates & Keys

Our Mystery Crates contain loads of fancy cosmetics for you to collect! These include a variety of hats, fancy costumes, balloons, Endless Parkour blocks/environments and amazing particles effects!

There are a few ways for players to get Mystery crates. You have a chance to receive them at the end of minigames, as a reward from voting, use your tokens to get them from the Crate Summoner or buy them from our store at https://store.mythicalmc.com/. We occasionally host giveaways and seasonal events where you can win Crates or obtain special limited edition Crates that contain event exclusive cosmetic items!

Keys are used to unlock Crates that are received at the end of minigames. Players will start out with 5 keys and have a chance to obtain more from voting rewards or by purchasing them from our store at https://store.mythicalmc.com/.

Elite and Prime ranks can claim some Crates every week and a few Keys every month from The Redeemer NPC as part of the rank perks.


Referrals are a great way to encourage your friends onto the server!

When your friend joins the server, all they need to do is type /referral IGN and that will add 1 referral to your count!

For every 5 players you refer, you will receive a Pack of 3 Random Crates.

Players with Elite ranks receive an additional Legendary Crate.

Players with Prime ranks receive an additional Dragon Crate!


Parties help keep you and your friends together and make it easier to join the same games without losing each other! To start a party use the command /party add IGN and to join /party accept IGN.

The /party tp command will bring the rest of your party to the lobby you are in and joining a game will connect the rest of your party to the same game! (Excluding Parkour)

All players can create a party with up to 5 players. Elite rank can create a party with up to 6 players, Elite+ rank up to 8 players, Prime rank up to 10 players and Prime+ rank up to 12 players.

Mythical Lottery

Do you like prizes? Then you will love Mythical Lottery!

In order to enter all you have to do is play on MythicalMC at some point within the 5 days prior to the draw, which is once a day. It is as simple as that!

If you’ve won the Mythical Lottery, just type /lottery claim to claim your prize. You can see how many times you have won and claimed prizes in the past with /lottery wins.

Type /lottery on the server for more information!


Stay connected with your friends on the server by using your friend list!

Add friends with /friend add IGN and see who is on your list with /friend list.

All players can have up to 15 players on their friend list. Elite rank can have up to 25 players, Elite+ rank up to 50 players, Prime rank up to 80 players and Prime+ rank up to 100 players.

Type /friend on the server for a full list of the commands.

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